Linglestown Church of God is the second church established in the community of Linglestown.








John Weinbrenner came to Linglestown in 1820 to become Pastor of the Harrisburg Charge of the German Reformed Church.  After six years he began to deviate from the doctrines of the church and was asked to leave.  However, he continued to preach in private homes and schoolhouses.  Soon, feeling a need for a formal house of worship, Weinbrenner's followers entered into a land contract and began construction of a church building which was completed and dedicated on Christmas day in 1827.  Having officially severed relations with the German Reformed Church, Weinbrenner was free to organize and name the church the First Church of God on June 29, 1829, located on the east side  of the Linglestown Church of God Cemetary. The congregation continued to grow and built a second bethel built in 1870 which remained until 1905.  Soon after in 1905, a third bethel was built, located at what is presently known as the Chocolate Cafe.  Experiencing another growth in membership, the current church facility was built directly across from the Linglestown Fire Hall in 1972.
We invite you to become a part of the church today and a piece of its history tomorrow!

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